The “S” Word.

*This post contains links to external sites which I used as reference, I am not affiliated with them and make no profit off of anything I do here.* **This post contains talk of a sensitive topic, suicide. Please use caution while reading and know that this is my personal opinion and not facts.** ***If you … Continue reading The “S” Word.


My Favorite Hobby

Creating this blog has proved to be a wonderful adventure, I find a story in almost everything I do and I feel like just our normal daily lives can be an amazing journey. In honor of that, I decided to pursue another adventure that just so happened to blend in perfectly with this blog, Intricate … Continue reading My Favorite Hobby

Love at First Sight… Or the Second

This post is all the love stories sent in by people who have read my blog! I do edit these stories for the flow but these are the stories of real life people who are incredible and loved. This life is the most difficult journey one can have, we should definitely have a partner along … Continue reading Love at First Sight… Or the Second

My April Ipsy Bag

*this post contains external links, as well as opinions that are strictly my own. I do not receive compensation from Ipsy and will not in the foreseeable future (that's my passive way of saying nobody has contacted me because I'm not that popular. haha) However, I do receive points if you use my link to … Continue reading My April Ipsy Bag

Getting In the Mindset of Healthier Choices

*This post is not meant to represent any facts based on any medical professional's opinions or concerns. As it is with everything else I post, this blog is my escape from reality. This post is strictly my opinion and my way of motivation during what I know will be a very difficult time in my … Continue reading Getting In the Mindset of Healthier Choices

Where I Am Now

*This post contains internal links to other blog posts I have created* Up to my post about Raising Children and Religion, I had not posted anything since January! I am an awful blogger who faces constant levels of distraction and am self diagnosed ADHD (it's actually been discussed with a doctor, we just didn't get … Continue reading Where I Am Now

Raising Children and Religion

Let me start by saying I was raised in a small town in Alabama, land of the Bible Belt, 2nd ranked most religious state in the country (thanks Mississippi.) By the numbers, 86% of the adult population is a combination of Christian, including 49% Evangelical Protestant, 16% Historically Black Protestant, 13% Mainline Protestant, 7% Catholic, … Continue reading Raising Children and Religion

Entry Two The Diary of an Intricate Wife

Here I am writing up what was supposed to be the second entry about my wedding day. As I am writing, I realized I can not write about everything that happened because the people involved are not ready for the world to know some things. Out of respect, I have decided to postpone the wedding … Continue reading Entry Two The Diary of an Intricate Wife